balloon safari tanzania

Balloon Trip Tanzania

You will wake up as early as 5am from your safari lodge and head to the launching site. There you will have an opportunity to move around and enjoy the day break sounds of sweetly singing birds. As the balloon is nearly filled up, the pilot will take you through the key basic safety-procedures and also explains to you some of the expectations you are likely to experience on this adventure.

Before the balloon sets off from the ground, Passengers will crawl into the basket and lie in a seated-position. The seats in the balloon are cushioned, and you will be gladly helped to go on board.

The pilot will also join you in the basket as it gently rights itself when the hot air fills it up to full capacity.  The balloon will then slowly lift you off the ground.

balloon safari tanzania

Before you actually realize, your safari vehicles will be below you, and you will be gliding at the height of birds flying in the air.

You have the choice of standing or sitting during this one hour flight. The sight below you is very beautiful and worth experiencing. The ride is very smooth and not all compared to taking a flight in a plane. Actually the only bumps you will feel will be a result of the movement of your fellow passengers onboard.

This gentle slow flight makes it much easier to take steady camera shot or even video of the sights below you.   You will view various animals right below you such as wildebeests, zebras, and gazelles. The terrain generally appears to be very flat from above but as you start landing after an hour’s ride, you will discover that the landscape is somewhat bumpy due to the numerous termite molds which are habitat to a diversity of wildlife.

The landing is somewhat smooth and you will rest in an upright position. When you get out of the basket, you will be treated to a toast of Champagne. This champagne toast is actually a tradition of the hot-air balloon safari that relates to the ancient ballooning done in France. You pilot will actually tell you more about this lovely story as you chilled bottle of champagne is uncorked.

Minutes after the toast, you will be transferred to a selected breakfast spot. There you will be welcomed by a crew member who will be dressed in a colonial fashioned costume, you will be served a delicious breakfast of sausages, bacon and eggs which would have been prepared by a professional cook on an open fire stove.

Because most of the time that people are in the Serengeti they are inside their safari vehicle, this will be a very memorable moment as you sit outside and enjoy the cool breeze under an umbrella acacia tree and have your breakfast.

Once you’re through with breakfast you will be handed official certificates evidence that you participated in this life time air adventure. After this you will be transferred back to your lodge for your onward travel plans around the northern Tanzania parks or even to other parts of the country.