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Budget Kilimanjaro Trekking

The Kilimanjaro mountain is Snow capped and masked by clouds, and for the local Chagga people they referred to  it as ‘Kilema Kyaro’ to mean ‘that which can’t be conquered’! however, Today this mountain is a dream destination for adventure who are very eager to  conquer its peak and raise on the roof-top of Africa. Mountain Kilimanjaro is Africa’s highest mountain as well as the tallest self-supporting mountain in the world. It includes hiking for over 50 km, attaining an altitude of 4,000 meters, traversing rainforests, moorland, alpine-desert as well as snow covered plains. A safari to the mountain will certainly be an unforgettable life time adventure.

How challenging is the Kilimanjaro climb?

Approximately 22,000 mountain climbers attempt to summit the impressive Mount Kilimanjaro. Fortunately the mountain offers a number of well recognized hiking routes that head to the peak of Mountain Kilimanjaro. Actually these routes do not necessitate any unique mountaineering skills, to make it to the summit. However, physically fitness as well as good mental preparation should be put into consideration before tempting to summit Mount Kilimanjaro. Records reveal that about 40% of the people that try to ascend the Kilimanjaro return to the bottom before making it to the Uhuru peak. For that reason we recommend that you have adequate physical and mental preparation prior to hiking and all climbers should be above 12 years of age for a  successfully climb.
The various Kilimanjaro Routes
The Kilimanjaro presents its guests various routes to trail that well suit one’s physical fitness and hiking capabilities. Below are some of characteristic features of the various routes which you choose as you try to summit the Kilimanjaro.

kilimanjaro mountains

The Marangu route is the most favorite to hikers with approximately 90% of all the visitors hiking the mountain taking it. Although it is very popularity the Marangu is very striking. Accommodation along this route is provided in huts that offer the guests basic accommodation facilities.

The Machame route is a more challenging than the Marangu and has fewer travelers in addition to spectacular sights as you ascend the Mountain. This route is one day longer than the Marunga and accommodation is offered in camping tents, which the accompanying porters carry and pitch up for you.

Umbwe Route

The Umbwe route begins on the southern part of the mountain at Umbwe Gate. It is a somewhat steep route, and it is best proposed for the exceptionally fit or well experienced trekkers. It normally takes 7 days to the summit of the mountain.
The Steep forest trails then merge into heath as well as moorland prior to  becoming rocky. It is at this point that the hiking becomes rather challenging. The summit is approached through the Barafu & Stella Point, and then begins descending at Mweka.

Shira  Route

The Shira Trek begins at an altitude of 3500 meters or 11600 feet and must only be taken by trekkers that are already well acclimatized, or those who are certain that they can  tolerate altitude change basing on their former trekking experience. The road takes you east across the heart of the Shira plateau and there you are probable to see various animals like buffaloes plus elephants. It later joins the Machame route. The route normally runs for 8 days and 7 nights
Rongai Route
This Rongai route is fast gaining popularity among hikers on the mountains is another not challenging route up the Kilimanjaro. It begins in the northern side of the Kilimanjaro at Rongai, which is a tinny village near the border with Kenyan. The Rongai Route takes 7 days and 6 nights to summit mountain Kilimanjaro
Unique about this route is that hiking conditions are much drier on the mountain’s northern side, and there are breathtaking views overlooking the vast flat Masai plains. Nights are spent in tents carried and pitched by porters.