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Budget Zanzibar Holidays


When one talks  of Zanzibar what crosses many people’s minds are romantic of pictures dhows with beautiful white sails, continuous whit sandy beaches dotted with palms, veiled African women, very old ruins as well as exotic spices all for you to enjoy and explore. The island has a very fascinating history, that well reflects at present day in the local people’s culture as well as traditions. Factually, Zanzibar has quite a lot to offer its guest than only the beautiful white sand beaches.

Day tours on Zanzibar

A holiday taken on Zanzibar Island would never be considered complete without having the well-known Spice Tour. Several tour operators  have designed special Spice-Tour that offer comprehensive information about the spices and the organically cultivated herbs as well as an in depth description of their traditional importance in the medicinal cosmetics of cardamom, vanilla, cloves, pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon, as well as several other spices that were introduced by the Oman Sultans several centuries ago.

zanzibar holidays

what is more, is that you can opt among the various environmental plus cultural tours to the different highlights that this island has to offer, such as a Tour of the historical City through the magical Stone town, take the Dolphin Tour, visit Jozani Forest to see the prevalent Red Colobus monkeys or opt to explore the isolated islands on a thrilling ride on a local fisher-boat in the well safe guarded Menai Bay. 


The most commonly spoken language on the island is Kiswahili. Although you may be able to speak only a few words, you will actually be able to make several friends as the Zanzibar people are very welcoming and friendly. English is also spoken by several people together with Arabic. Among the additional European languages spoken are French as well as Italian are by a number of the local people, particularly those residing near the tourist regions.


The total population of the entire Zanzibar Island together with Pemba Island is about 1,000,000 people.


Approximately 95% of the total local population is Muslim. The rest are actually Christians and Hindu with a few traditional beliefs. There are very many mosques on the island, while Stone Town has a Hindu Temple as well as a Catholic Cathedral plus an Anglican Cathedral.


Zanzibar Island experiences wonder holiday weather almost all year round, with the exclusion of the months of April plus May that are normally subject to long rains. The short rains are experienced in November and are characterized by very short showers, that don’t last long hours.

The summer heat is normally seasonally calmed down by the windy conditions, which create a enjoyable sea breezes, especially on the Northern and Eastern coast. Since the island is located adjacent to the equator, Zanzibar is generally warm all through the year. The summer peak is experienced in December while the winter peak is in June. Zanzibar Island is fortunate to have 7 to 8 hours of bright sunshine every day.

Accommodation on Zanzibar

Zanzibar Island offers its guest a variety of accommodation facilities among which are hotels, beach resorts, beach houses as well as Bandas just to offer you a memorable stay on the island.