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Cultural Trips in Tanzania

Tanzania is an Afican country that is blessed with a very rich culture as well as a diversity of traditions; and is comprised of a unique blend of Arabian, European, African, and Indian influences. Tanzanians are among the most generous as well as sociable people, and yet they are still conservative. The people are so much welcoming except that they very much appreciate it when people treat their traditional culture with utmost respect. The country has more than 125 tribes, and for that reason is one of the very few countries on the African country in which religious harmony is established as the people here who belong to various religious sects all live together in harmony. However, Christianity plus Islam are the chief religions with the minority religions including traditional religions, Buddhism and Hinduism and.  The stunning Zanzibar islands on the other hand are majorly occupied by Muslims who sum up to 98 percent of the islands total population.

masai safari

Ecotourism which basically means to ecologically responsive traveling  that merges the discovering as well as understanding wildlife with opportunities to assist in contribution to their protection.

In Tanzania, Cultural Tourism began simply as a program to assist the rural communities benefit from the profits of the tourism industry in which they actually are part of.

The primary purpose of these cultural tours is that the rural communities benefit directly from tourists that go visit their local regions.  Cultural tourism perist the local residents to provide tours that illustrate their local culture,  sacred sit osf worship as well as the various economic activities these local people engage in.

The profits generated from the cultural tours are utilized by the resident local people for particular development schemes, like, the construction of dispensaries, building of schools as well as establishing sites for cattle dips.

In addition,  eco-tours in this country provides tourists chances to get a closer encounter with  nature by  hike the verdant rainforests, exploring the great Tanzanian wilderness just on  foot or exploring the wild by boat, traveling to a number of  exotic locations such as  Gombe National Park as well as Mahale National Parks.  There are actually so many alternatives and all offered at very affordable prices. By being part of a cultural tour safari in this country you are greatly helping towards the development of one of the very many rural communities of Tanzania.

So book today onto one of our cultural safaris which may take five or more days and have a personal discovery of Tanzania’s true culture and traditions.