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Lake Manyara National Park 3 Days

Lake Manyara National Park 3 Days/ 2 Nights Tanzania Safari

This Lake Manyara National Park 3 Days/ 2 Nights Safari enables you to the explore path to the stunning Lake Manyara National Park found within Arusha Region in northern Tanzania. Most of the land-area within the park is a thin strip that runs between the Rift wall to the west side and Lake Manyara, which is an alkaline / soda-lake, on the eastern side. It is renowned for its large number of flamingoes.

The Park derived its name from “manyara” a local Masai word which is name for the Euphorbia tirucalli plant. The local Masai people use it plant to grow stockades for their livestock. With time, the manyara produces a stock proof enclosure that is tougher than any man-made crafted from thorn branches. At the park entrance gate, you will actually find this Euphorbia tirucalli.

cheetah tanzania

Although Lake Manyara National Park is just 330 sq km / 127 sq miles in total area, nearly 230 sq km / 89 sq miles are the lake. the park it contains a great diversity of wildlife habitats such as the open grassland, rift wall, the lake shore, ground water forest, the lake itself, acacia woodland, and the swamp.

Because of the diversity of habitats, this Park can actually support a big number of wildlife species. More than 380 bird species, a number of migratory species have also been recorded here.

Day 1: Arusha – Drive to Lake Manyara National Park

Following breakfast, you will drive to Lake Manyara National Park taking a short stopover to enjoy a walking trip at Mto Wa Mbu – a village that hosts different people originating from different tribes across Tanzania.

Through Irrigation, this area has become an oasis; previously it was simply grazing land for cattle that belonged to the nomadic Masai natives. You will have a cultural experience as you Visit the nearby local village and try some locally made banana beer. At the end of the tour you will proceed to the park.

Enjoy lunch at the picnic site and afterwards have a game drive prior to returning to the lodge up on the escarpment.

Overnight: Lake Manyara Wildlife Lodge / Lake Manyara Serena

Meal Plan: Packed Lunch Box and dinner

Day 2: Lake Manyara – Drive to Lake Manyara National Park

There is a large number of wild animals within this small park is plentiful along with splendid bird watching opportunities not only for a devotee but even for the most reluctant.

It is as well among the few places on the African continent to see the tree-climbing lions that will be your main quest for the day. Manyara in addition prides in a large flock of beautiful pink flamingoes found near the lake. You will have lunch at your Lodge and later go for a game drive in the park.

Overnight: Lake Manyara Wildlife Lodge or Manyara Serena Lodge

Meal Plan: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

 Day 3: Lake Manyara – Drive to Arusha

After your Breakfast at the lodge, you will set off by road to Arusha.