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9 Day Southern Tanzania Safari

This 9 day safari in southern Tanzania, begins in  Dar es Salaam to the  Selous Game Reserve, Ruaha National Park and Mikumi National Park.

Day 1 – Dar es Salaam – Selous Game Reserve

Set off from Dar es Salaam city and head to the Selous Game Reserve. We shall have a late lunch at the impressive Rufiji River Camp. In the afternoon enjoy a game drive in the vast reserve, and later return to dinner and slumber at Rufiji River Camp

Day 2 – Explore Selous Game Reserve

We shall have an entire day of game viewing through the reserve as we explore the bushes in comfy 4WD safari vehickles. Some of the animals you will sevehicles. Waterbuck, southern reed buck and are: bushbucks, the uncommon sable antelopes, lions as well as the greater kudus. Dine and slumber at Rufiji River Camp

safari adventures

Day 3 and 4 – On safari at Rufiji River Camp

Following breakfast, set out for a walking safari in the company of an armed ranger. The walk is very rewarding and memorable with wonderful sights as well as sounds of the pristine surrounding wilderness. The excitement of creeping up to the wild animals to take snap shots of them is a very great experience. After lunch, set out for a boat safari to explore the various water channels plus lakes of River Rufiji System, and also marvel at the nearby hippos as well as crocodiles. You will see a variety of birds such as herons, stilts, ducks and storks, among other water birds. Giraffes and elephants are some of the land mammals you will see. Dine and slumber at Rufiji River Camp


Day 5 – Rufiji River Camp to the beautiful  Vuma Hills Tented Camp


With packed picnic lunches we head to Mikumi National Park and continue to Vuma Hill Tented Camp. This camp is located above the high trees, extending over the apparently continuous wilderness in the south west of the Mikumi National Park. Dine and slumber at Vuma Hill Tented Camp


Day 6 – Vuma Hills Tented Camp to Ruaha River Lodge



Following breakfast head to Ruaha National Park, well known for its uncommon sable antelopes, roan antelopes, as well as large elephant herds. Although Ruaha is among the largest national parks in the whole of Africa, it is somewhat unknown and, because to its remoteness, it has remain unspoiled. Have a late lunch back at the lodge after which you will set out for an afternoon game drive. The Ruaha River Lodge is actually the only lodge within the reserve and was constructed on a rocky crest with magnificent views of the River Ruaha. Dine and slumber at Ruaha River Lodge


Day 7 – Explore  Ruaha National Park


Today we shall have a full day of game viewing within the park. About 500 species of birds have been recorded in this park. The area near the river features overwhelming numbers of crocodiles plus hippos and this attracts numerous lions, leopards, cheetahs and wild dogs. Other game include: waterbucks, impalas, giraffes, Grants gazelles, warthogs as well as elands. Ostrich are also commonly seen within these plains. Dine and slumber at Ruaha River Lodge


Day 8 – Ruaha back to Vuma Hill Tented Camp



Following an early hefty breakfast return to Mikumi National Park. Enjoy Lunch at the beautiful Vuma Hill Tented Camp, and later a game drive in the evening within Mikumi National Park. This park is famous for its large numbers of elephants, roan antelopes, giraffes, wildebeests, buffaloes, greater Kudu, zebras, elands and sable antelopes. Large predators include leopards, tree-climbing lions, black-backed jackals and wild dogs. In addition there are yellow baboon, crocodiles, hippos and monitor lizards. Dine and slumber at Vuma Hill Tented Lodge.


Day 9 – Return to Dares Salaam


Following breakfast, have a morning  game drive within Mikumi National Park. Have lunch back at the lodge and then return to Dar es Salaam. End of our safari